Cordner Releases Five Recent Compositions

Salvationist composer Martin Cordner has made five of his recent compositions available to bands free of charge. In return for the music, he requests that donations be made to the user’s local Salvation Army center.

The five items include four that were associated with the events of the Boundless Congress in July 2015. They can be found at Cordner Music.

Americana was written for the New York Staff Band’s tour of the United Kingdom prior to the Boundless Congress. The piece has also been recorded by the NYSB.

Written to acknowledge Salvationists from South America, Alta Vista has a distinct Latin flavor.

Africa Alive was written as a salute to African Salvationists.

Soldiers of Christ, Arise is a large-scale setting of the song, associated with the tune “Falcon Street”. It was the finale to the opening session of the Boundless Congress.

A newer work is the symphonic suite Blue Marble. This is a 9-minute work, around Section 2 level.

Cordner Music web site