USA Central Territorial Singing Company Festival


The USA Central Territorial Music and Gospel Arts Department has announced the Territorial Singing Company Festival 2017. The goal of the Festival is to maximize, improve, and sustain corps participation and the quality of singing companies in each of the territory’s ten divisions, in support of the Live Music by 2020 initiative.

Each division in the USA Central Territory is making plans to hold a Divisional Music Day or similar event to allow corps singing companies to be evaluated publicly. The ratings are Exemplary, Accomplished, or Developing. The event is designed to be as inclusive as possible, giving an opportunity for young people to be impacted by a Salvation Army event bigger than their local corps.

Singing Company is a marvelous opportunity for bridging young people and their families to the corps, and the greater Salvation Army. This can result in an increased enrollment of Junior Soldiers and followers of Christ. The hope is that this Festival will be the start of long-term thinking in each division and will not be a one-off event.

The Festival is not a competition, in that there is not a single winner. Any singing company that earns an Exemplary rating will be invited to participate in the United Singing Company for the 2017 Family Congress. Each division has been asked to send at least 20 singing company members (ages 7 – 16) to the congress.

For more information on the 2017 Territorial Singing Company Festival, please refer to the official announcement.

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