Norwich Citadel Band Visit to Leicester

A leisurely drive by car on Saturday, 29 October 2016, took members of the Norwich Citadel Band (Bandmaster Richard Woodrow) to Wigston, Leicester where they were welcomed at Leicester South Corps, a very nice suite of buildings set in leafy grounds. This was the beginning of a ministry weekend consisting of a Saturday evening concert, worship services on Sunday morning, and a second musical meeting on Sunday afternoon.

Norwich Citadel Band (Bandmaster Richard Woodrow) at Leicester South, October 2016

Norwich Citadel Band (Bandmaster Richard Woodrow) at Leicester South, October 2016

An enthusiastic congregation greeted they band as they took their seats on the platform for the Saturday evening concert. The concert kicked off with Diamond Jubilee followed by the cornet solo Share My Yoke played by Matthew Peek. Let There Be Light was next, before David Winch presented Air and Rondo for Tenor Horn and Band. Another soloist, Daniel Beattie, offered the euphonium solo Canaan’s Land. Hannah Carr testified, sharing the story of her life to date and telling of her attendance at Territorial Music School and other highlights of the year. The band’s major piece before the interval was Eric Ball’s epic Song of Courage.

GOPAK, arranged by former Norwich bandsman Jim Whatsize, opened the second half. This led to a first for Bethany Grimshaw, as she danced on a band program for the first time, to a modern version of I’m in His Hands. Daniel Frost delighted everyone with the fast-moving and exciting solo Whirlwind, followed by the march On High!. The major work of the second half was Dudley Bright’s masterly Confrontations. The evening’ concert concluded with the band’s signature march, Norwich Citadel.

With the band refreshed from a good night’s sleep, the morning meeting was attended by a large congregation. The meeting was led by Major Richard Welch, the band’s Executive Officer, newly appointed as commanding officer at Reading Central.

The afternoon meeting again had a full house. Items from the band included Almighty, Mission Force, Pavane, Sound Out the Proclamation, and Kerygma. The final piece of this wonderful, friendly weekend was Abundance. The band is looking forward to next autumn, when the Leicester South Band will visit Norwich.

Several members were unfortunately unable to attend the weekend, and the band acknowledged several substitutes, including Mark Sharman (Birmingham Citadel), Hannah Robson (Sunderland Millfield), Martin Blessett (Peterborough), and Steven Williams.

Special mention must be made of Poppy, a 12-year-old singing company member who has offered to have her blonde hair cut off to raise money for cancer research. A collection was taken up on Sunday and in the afternoon Poppy and her mum were presented £140 from the band. Bandmaster Woodrow then handed Poppy 50 of the band’s Fine City Brass CDs for her to sell as a way of raising even more money. By the time of the “Faith Tea” around 5:30pm, she had sold all of the CDs and now had over £240 toward her total. Poppy’s JustGiving page.

Norwich Citadel Band web site, original report by Band Secretary Michael Whybrow