New Youth Music Leaders for Ontario Great Lakes Division

The Youth Department of the Ontario Great Lakes Division has announced new leaders for the Divisional Youth Chorus and iGNiTE Brass, effective 1 September 2018.

Donna Harris has been named leader of the Divisional Youth Chorus (DYC). Harris is no stranger to the chorus. She is also currently the Corps Sergeant-Major at Guelph Citadel and is a member of the Canadian Staff Songsters.

Joshua Bailey has been named leader of the divisional junior youth band, iGNiTE Brass. Bailey also serves as Deputy Bandmaster and Junior Bandmaster at Listowel Citadel. He is also a former member of Impact Brass and the Canadian Staff Band.

Impact Brass, the Divisional Youth Band for the Ontario Great Lakes Division, will continue to be led by Phil Rayment.

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