Tomahawk Arts Weekend Features Territorial Songsters

The Southern Territorial Songsters (Leader Dr. Beatrice Holz) visited the Maryland-West Virginia (MWV) Division 18 – 21 October 2018, participating in the Tomahawk Arts Weekend. Events included assisting with instruction at Camp Tomahawk, concerts in Hagerstown and Frederick, Maryland, and Sunday worship in Hagerstown.

The Songsters gathered in Hagerstown on Thursday for rehearsals. The first event of the weekend was a concert at the Hagerstown Corps on Friday night, 19 October. The concert opened with a welcome from MWV Divisional Music Director Jason Collier, who is also a member of the Territorial Songsters. The Songsters then began the music with Richard Phillip’s exciting setting of Psalm 95, Sing for Joy.

Next up was the tender gospel song Precious Lord, written by the pioneering gospel songwriter Thomas A. Dorsey (not to be confused with the big band leader Tommy Dorsey) in 1932, after the death of his wife and infant son. This was followed by a more upbeat item, Somebody Talkin’ ’bout Jesus, and the spiritual Witness (arr. Halloran).

The Songsters then took seats in the audience, as their Praise Team formed for a praise and worship set, with Rachel Wiley on vocals, Jason Collier on piano, Jim Shiels on bass guitar, and Bernie Dake on drum kit. This led into a meditation and challenge given by the Songster Chaplain, Major Leisa Hall, who used astronomical discoveries as a pointer to the wonders of God’s creation. Ths Songsters then returned to their places and gave a choral Scripture reading.

The next item was Hark, I Hear the Harps Eternal (arr. Alice Parker), followed by the Territorial Songsters Secretary, Captain Patrick Richmond, offering courtesies. The choir’s final item of the concert was Worthy to Be Praised (Byron J. Smith). The concert ended with the choir surrounding the audience as they sang a choral benediction.

On Saturday, 20 October 2018, the Territorial Songsters participated in the Tomahawk Arts Weekend at Camp Tomahawk. Members of the Songsters used their considerable and varied musical talents in many different classes, helping to instruct the young people of MWV Division. On Saturday evening, the group was in Frederick, Maryland, for a concert at the Evangelican Lutheran Church. The weekend concluded with the Territorial Songsters back in Hagerstown to conduct Sunday services at the corps.

Brass Crest Staff Report (Friday night concert)
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