Start of the Year News from Melbourne Veterans

The end of 2007 saw two exciting events for the Melbourne Veterans’ Band (Bandmaster Noel Jones). First, the band’s third compact disc, Service Our Joy, was released in November. Featuring full ensemble, solo and vocal items used during concerts over the last two years, response has been favorable as shown by brisk sales.

Second, a representative group from the band was involved with the Steven Spielberg production of The Pacific, a drama series set during World War II. The ensemble, in period costume, played bright music as a part of the crowd that welcomed United States Marines to Australian shores. The series is set to be shown on television early in 2009.

The year 2008 began with the annual dinner for the bandsmen and their spouses, held at Box Hill Citadel. Bandsmen Bram England, David Newdick, Tom Summers, Les Sutton, Peter Pitkin and Doug Watkins received their reservist certificates. England, the band’s oldest and longest-serving member, has reluctantly stood aside from the trombone section because of ill health. Two new bandsmen, Brian Davies (cornet) and John Vander Pal (horn) have been welcomed to the band.

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