Recorded Piano Tracks for Salvation Army Tune Book

Salvationist Publishing and Supplies (SP&S)
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The UK Territory Music and Creative Arts Department and World of Sound have been working hard over the last couple of years to provide recorded piano accompaniments for all of the tunes in the Salvation Army Tune Book. These recordings were released at the recent UK Territorial Congress and are now available for purchase.

For Volume 1 of the Tune Book (tunes 1 – 530), which are the metrical tunes that can potentially be used with many songs of the same meter, in most cases the piano track is the introduction and three verses. For Volume 2 (tunes 531 – 958), which are irregular in meter and rarely have alternative lyrics, the recording is of the introduction and the complete song to match the Salvation Army Song Book. For the songs that could be classified as choruses, the recording includes the introduction and twice through the chorus.

The entire collection of 958 tunes is available on a USB memory stick, download as a bundle, or individual tunes can be purchased for download. The full bundle is extremely cost-efficient compared to the individual track downloads, as it would only take 40 individual tunes to match the price of the full set of 958 as a bundle.

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