Bristol Easton Band Supports Divisional Worship

Bristol Easton Band (Bandmaster Anthony R. Smith) represented the Severn and Somerset Division at an area praise meeting held at Bath Citadel on 7 October 2018 at 4:00pm.

The theme of the meeting was “Follow Me”. Following this theme, the band’s major contribution was Martin Cordner’s The Adventurers. This exciting work features three songs from the Salvation Army repertory: “He leadeth me! O blessèd thought!”, “Lead Me”, and Thomas Mack’s beautiful setting of “He leadeth me”. The latter is first presented within a minor-key framework and later warms and evolves as the Adventurers give thanks as they continue to journey.

Other contributions included the congregational song “O happy day” (arr. John Larsson), a video of which (embedded below) has been shared and viewed the world over thousands of times. Another congregational song was Derick Kane’s lilting arrangement of “Will you come and follow me?”.

The evening concluded with a beautiful benediction by a great friend of the band, Geoffrey Nobes, Jesus, Good Above All Names (Quem Pastores). Nobes is a former bandmaster of Portsmouth Citadel Corps and once again displays his superb craft as a tunesmith in this beautiful hymn setting. Whilst most frequently used as a Christmas carol, the words of the third verse, written by Percy Dearmer in the early 20th century, continue to inspire and influence Briston Easton Band in its mission today.

Lord, in all our doings guide us,
Pride and hate shall ne’er divide us,
We’ll go on with thee beside us,
And with joy we’ll persevere.

Report submitted by Bandmaster Anthony R. Smith