Red Shield Brass Band First Recording

The Red Shield Brass Band (Conductor Dr. Jonathan Corry) has made its first recording, due for release soon. Entitled Spero per Musica (Hope through Music), the recording programmatically mirrors the essence of the Band – bringing hope to those less fortunate within Chicago through music.


1 Deo Gloria (Bramwell Tovey)  
2 Song of Hope (Pete Meechan) Amy Nelson, cornet soloist
3 Pathway of Hope (William Himes)  
4 Blessed Assurance (William Himes) Brett Tolcher, trombone soloist
5 Silent Vigil (Kenneth Downie)  
6 Spero per Musica (Tom Davoren)  
7 Onward, Christian Soldiers (arr. Mark Freeh) Jonathan Corry, trumpet soloist
8 God So Loved the World (John Stainer, arr. George Marshall)  
9 Torchbearers (Eric Ball)  
10 David’s Dance (Dorothy Gates) Jonathan David Weller, vocal soloist
11 Shine As the Light (Peter Graham)  

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