Sheridan Featured at London Citadel

Patrick Sheridan, internationally renowned tuba soloist and educator, was the guest soloist for a concert with the London Citadel Band (Bandmaster John Lam) and the London Citadel Songsters, on 26 October 2018.

London Citadel Songsters, October 2018

London Citadel Songsters, October 2018

The concert began with the band playing Craig Woodland’s arrangement of In Christ Alone. The songsters took the stage next with two items, God So Loved the World (Leonard Ballantine) and The Christian Mission (Ray Steadman-Allen).

Next up was the guest soloist, who was playing his unique rainbow tuba. Sheridan’s first item was Sway (Pablo Beltran Ruiz, arr. Sam Palifian, orch. Patrick Sheridan), accompanied by the band. The songsters returned for two more items. The first, Be Merciful Unto Me, O Lord (Mark Murphy), featured soprano soloist Ena Belanger. The second was another Leonard Ballantine song, I Will Sing Your Praises. Just before the intermission, Sheridan returned for a somewhat more traditional solo, Grandfather’s Clock (George Doughty, arr. Peter Graham).

After the intermission, the band got things going again with Courageous (KEvin Norbury), followed by another item featuring the guest soloist, Land of the Living Skies (Peter Meechan). The songsters returned for two more songs. The World of Our Dreams (Jeffrey Ames) featured soprano soloist Janice Hoe and Amanda Palmer on clarinet. The second song in this set was Fill Me Up! (Pepper Choplin), which featured Don Lodge as baritone soloist.

Jonathan Rowsell and Patrick Sheridan (with the rainbow tuba), London Citadel, October 2018

Jonathan Rowsell and Patrick Sheridan (with the rainbow tuba), London Citadel, October 2018

Rimsky-Korasakov’s Flight of the Bumblebee is one of the most easily-recognized items of classical music, and is often used to showcase technical brilliance. This was ably demonstrated by Patrick Sheridan as he presented it in his own arrangement. The songsters returned for their final two items. Don’t Let the Devil (Graeme Press) was accompanied by a brass quartet, bass, and drums. The songsters final item was When I Return (Marta Keen, arr. Jay Althouse). This song featured soprano soloist Sarah Robertson.

The final item with the guest soloist was a tuba duet Fountains Flowing, with Sheridan joined by the band’s own tuba virtuoso, Jonathan Rowsell, who is also the composer of the piece. The concert concluded with Kevin Larsson’s Peace, in the manner of a benediction.

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