King's Singers with Hendon Band in High Wycombe

The Hendon Band of the Salvation Army (Bandmaster David Rudd) were joined by the King’s Singers on 22 March 2009 for a concert at the Swan Theatre in High Wycombe. The band was warmly greeted by the near-capacity audience as they took the stage. The evening began in rousing fashion with Peter Graham’s Summon the Dragon, a fanfare for cornets and trombones. Other items played by the band included Gaudete (Kevin Norbury), The Little Russian (arr. William Gordon), Swingtime Religion (Barrie Gott), Rolling Along (William Himes) and I’ll Walk with God (arr. Goff Richards). All were played with the high standard of performance which has come to be expected from the Hendon Band.

Two of the band’s soloists were featured. Philip Cobb played a trumpet solo, Flourish, written for him by Paul Sharman. Principal trombone Paul Hopkins presented Bill Geldard’s Autumn Leaves.

The King’s Singers, one of Britain’s most celebrated vocal ensembles, never fail to impress with their style and performance. They thrilled the audience with with songs from their two Reflections discs, featuring Salvation Army vocal music, sung with feeling and sensitivity. Other items included Old English folk songs and tunes by the Beatles. This mix of songs demonstrated their full range of expertise. The newest member, Timothy Wayne-Wright, fit in well despite having been with the group for two months.

Major Paul Hilditch, using singing as his theme, provided a thought-provoking epilogue. The band brought the evening to a conclusion with the exciting showcase piece “Cossack Fire Dance” from Call of the Cossacks by Peter Graham, which featured four of the band’s soloists.

Hendon Band will again be in concert with the King’s Singers on 21 December 2009 at Cadogan Hall in London. Tickets are available at

Hendon Band web site

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