Bellshill Band at Newarthill Church

On a bright and sunny spring evening (31 March 2009) the Bellshill Band of the Salvation Army visited Newarthill Church to present a program on the final night of the church’s guild season. The guild began the evening before passing the program over to Bandmaster Ian Dickie for the band’s portion of the concert.

The heating was on in the church and the hall was very warm. This, however, did not affect the band’s performance, although they were grateful for the short interval which allowed them to get some well-needed refreshments.

The program included a variety of items, including several from the band’s latest recording, Diversity, which was recorded just a few weeks before [this recording is scheduled for release in late summer 2009]. The congregation received all of the band items well and showed their appreciation by warm applause after each item.

Soloists for the evening included Yvonne Ferguson (cornet), Gemma Gunn (vocal), Lynn Shanks (flügelhorn) and Chris Shanks (euphonium). Despite the heat in the church, all of the soloists gave excellent performances and, like the full band, received warm applause from the congregation.

Bellshill Band, original report by Dorothy M. Neil

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