Total Praise at Lewisham

The fanfare opening of the march Golden Jubilee heralded the start of a God-glorifying Total Praise event at Lewisham Salvation Army, South London, featuring the Hythe Band and Songsters of the Salvation Army and Wesley Carroll, piano soloist.

Other items from the band (Bandmaster Richard Carroll) included Scripture Sing-Along (William Himes) and two pieces written for the band by Wesley Carroll, a very thoughtful Teach Me and an extended number, Reflections in Praise which includes the tunes “Abide With Me” and “Deep Harmony”, taking the listeners and players on a spiritual journey concluding in an air of quiet calm.

The Songsters (Songster Leader Wesley Carroll) contributed with some excellent choral singing with Total Praise and If You Would Be Strong resounding through the hall. A beautiful arrangement of Amazing Grace preceded a poignant message from Captain Phil Layton.

The congregation had the opportunity to join in the praise, singing songs and hymns old and new with great enthusiasm, none more so than the final two songs, “At the Cross” and “Praise God, I’m Saved!”.

Report submitted by Bandmaster Richard Carroll

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