Pre-Stavanger Festival in Sunderland

The Sunderland Millfield Salvation Army Band thrilled, blessed and entertained an enthusiastic crowd at their “Pre-Stavanger Festival” on 16 May 2009. The Mayor of Sunderland presided over the event, which was the final preparation for the Sunderland Millfield Band’s visit to Stavanger, Norway, on 22 – 25 May 2009. This visit is a reciprocal one, renewing friendships forged when the Stavanger Salvation Army Band came to Sunderland the previous year.

The band’s readiness for their Norwegian visit was demonstrated in several ways, including Shine as the Light, Timepiece, Song of Exultation and Shalom. These items were interspersed with vocal and xylophone solos during the concert.

Source: Submitted by Brian Thompson

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