Kane Appointed at Aveley and Newham

On 24 July 2009, the Aveley and Newham Band (Musical Director Nigel Taken) announced that well-known Salvationist musician Derick Kane has been named the band’s Assistant Musical Director.

Kane is without doubt one of the most well-known figures in the brass band movement, primarily because of his dedicated service with the Salvation Army and as the principal euphonium of the International Staff Band. In addition to his service with the ISB, Kane joined the Aveley and Newham Band prior to the British Open Championship in 2007 as principal euphonium. Since then, he has conducted the band on several occasions in the absence of musical director Nigel Taken, leading to his appointment as assistant musical director.

The Aveley and Newham Band was formed in 1995 from the merger of Aveley Band and Newham Band, two of the oldest and most successful brass bands in the South East of England. Since the amalgamation, the newly titled Aveley and Newham Band has maintained old traditions, enhanced its reputation for superb entertainment and forged many new friendships.

The band is member of the London and South Counties Brass Band Association, and has represented that region at eight of the last eleven National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain Finals, four times as regional champions (1998, 2000, 2001 and 2006). In 2004, the band received its first invitation to the Scottish Open Championship and in 2006 made it’s tenth consecutive appearance in the prestigious English International Masters Championships. Apart from traditional contests, the band has established an enviable record in entertainment contests, with notable success at Crawley (champions 1995, 1997 and 2000), Yeovil (champions 2001, 2005, runner-up 2004, entertainment 2000), Reading (champion 1998) and Butlin’s Mineworkers (entertainment 2005). The band has also performed in numerous stage and television productions.

In 2004, the band embarked on an annual concert series with the Enfield Citadel Band of the Salvation Army, entitled “Cathedral Brass”, which has proved to be a fantastic success.

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