Day in Lowestoft for Norwich Citadel Band

Sunday, 12 July 2009, was a day spent in Lowestoft by the Norwich Citadel Band (Bandmaster Richard Woodrow). In the morning, the band participated in the morning Holiness Meeting at Lowestoft Citadel, ably and sensitively led by Band Sergeant Joe Allen. This was followed by a very nice roast dinner at the Citadel cooked by the band’s hosts, Majors Barry and Cindy Willson.

Suitably fed and watered, the Norwich Citadel Band marched from Lowestoft Citadel at 2:30 to Royal Green alongside the promenade. This was an extended march – five street marches long (and almost half again as long as the band had anticipated). Bandmaster Woodrow led a lively open-air meeting and the band the made the return march, retrieved their vehicles and made the short journey to the Lowestoft South Corps for refreshments before the evening meeting.

At Lowestoft South, territorial envoys Douglas and Ann Beattie welcomed the band to their corps. Douglas Beattie has a strong connection with the Norwich Citadel Band over many years, including six years as bandmaster before he was called to full-time Salvation Army service. The band was welcomed by a packed hall and played some of their repertoire before the evening meeting, led once again by Band Sergeant Allen. The day finished with Douglas Beattie conducting the band, in what else but Norwich Citadel.

The Norwich Citadel had a great day out. The crowds turned out and supported all of the band’s activities and meetings. Many positive comments were voiced and decisions made in the positive atmosphere created by the Band Sergeant, allow the Holy Spirit to do His work.

Norwich Citadel Band, original report by Band Secretary Michael Whybrow

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