Kenyans Attend Repair Course in Wales

As part of its ongoing policy to support mission projects outside the United Kingdom, the Bristol Easton Corps partnered with the Woking Corps to sponsor two young Kenyans to attend a specialist brass and string instrument repair course held in Wales.

The goal of the project, which has the support of the Kenya East Territory, is to set up an instrument repair workshop in Nairobi which, it is believed, will be the only one in East Africa. The shop will be attached to the territorial Trade Department.

The course fees of £2,000 were covered by Corps funds, individual donations and specific fund-raising events organized by both Bristol Easton and Woking Corps.

During one of the weekend breaks from the course, Lucas Nandwa (Makadara) and Sammy Odiara (Nairobi Central) were able to join in worship at Bristol Easton where the theme of the Sunday evening worship was “Good Old Army”, enabling some of the old uniforms and bonnets to be brought out of storage for the occasion. The two guests presented African songs and were able to persuade some of the Bristol Easton young people to “have a go” at a few choruses in Swahili.

Bristol Easton web site (unsigned report)

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