"D-Day" in Alexandria

Sunday, 20 September 2009, was “D-day” (début day) for the three newest members of the Alexandria Citadel Band. Taking their places on the platform for the first time as members of the senior band were Rachael Argot and Brandyn Newsome on cornet, and Bannister Chaava on trombone.

All three of the young new members have family ties to the group. Rachael’s parents are the corps officers at Alexandria Citadel. Brandyn’s older brother, Algerome Newsome, Jr. is also in the cornet section of the band and Bannister’s older brother, Ian Chaava, plays euphonium.

The new players are the first fruits of a rejuvenated junior band program at Alexandria Citadel, headed by veteran bandsman David Downing. An emphasis on teaching brass students at the Citadel has led to strong participation, there often being 25 or more students at the weekly rehearsals.

Brass Crest Staff Report

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