Celebrating Ten Years on the Web

The Brass Crest originally launched on 1 November 1999, as a learning tool for the webmaster. From a tiny site (about ten pages), hosted on the old GeoCities service, it has grown into an internationally-recognized resource on Salvation Army bands and banding. The site continues to gain interest, with just shy of 50,000 page views in October 2009.

Some early contacts, including Craig Lewis in Canada, Steef Klepke (BrassLink) in Amsterdam, Nigel Horne (Brass Band Portal) and Gavin Holman (Internet Bandsman’s Everything Within) encouraged and shaped the early direction of the site. Without their encouragement and help, the site may not have lasted past its second anniversary.

The nucleus of the current site, the News Section, was launched in 2001. We are grateful for the hundreds of people who have taken the time to send us news items of any size. We are also grateful for the thousands of visitors a month who take the time to come to this site. Thank you all again for your interest in The Brass Crest.

Brass Crest Staff Report

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