Maidenhead Musicians in Germany

Bandsman Adam Hall of the Maidenhead Citadel Band returned from his Erasmus year in Germany in September 2009. However, before returning to England he made arrangements with Divisional Commander Major Beat Rieder to return in December to assist with the Salvation Army Christmas carolling effort in Germany.

Hall traveled to Germany in December with four of his musician friends: Craig Baker (Norwich Citadel), Jonny Bain, Nick Collier and Clifton Roestoff (all from Maidenhead Citadel). For a week, the small group played in Berlin, Dresden and Meissen in Christmas markets. They also opened a Salvation Army Charity Shop in Meissen.

In Berlin, the group played a two-hour concert at the Arcaden in the Schönhauser Allee, one of the city’s busiest shopping areas.

During the week, the group endured cold temperatures while playing outside, one day having to abandon playing after just one verse of the first carols when their instruments froze.

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