Music Clinic at Playa Ancha

Noted South American composer and conductor David Ayma was the featured guest at Music Clinic PAB, held at the Playa Ancha Corps in Valparaiso, Argentina, on April 26, 2003. In addition to the junior and senior bandsmen from Playa Ancha, members of the Avenida Matta and Santiago Central corps were also in attendance

Bandmaster Ayma conducted several pieces during the clinic, including Variations on “Laudate Dominum” (Edward Gregson), Laude (Robert Redhead), Nicaea (William Himes), Rocky Mountain (William Himes), and three of his own works, Somerset 100, Joy Dance, and Praising Power. Many of these works are planned for performance at an annual concert by the Playa Ancha band, held in October.

A native of Chile, David Ayma gained his musical education at the National Music Conservatory and Faculty of Arts of Chile University. He has composed for brass ensemble and band, choir, and full orchestra. Some of Ayma’s brass band compositions have been published by the Salvation Army (both in London and New York) and Muso’s Media of Australia.

Since 1998 Ayma has been conductor and composer-in-residence of the Temuco Philharmonic Orchestra in Temuco (southern Chile) and Orchestral Conductor adviser for the Young Musician Society (SMJ).

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