Waterworth Honored by Australia

As a part of the celebration surrounding the centennial of the Australian federation, Australia has created the Centenary Medal. The list of recipients, announced on 23 April 2003, includes the bandmaster of the Melbourne Staff Band, Ken Waterworth. Bandmaster Waterworth was honored for “For service to music curriculum development in the State of Victoria”.

The Centenary Medal was created to recognize the achievements of a cross-section of the Australian community at the time of the centenary of federation . . . This is an important medal and it is desirable that contributions made during the centenary year especially by those who helped make it a memorable time in the life of the nation be recognized.

Centenary Medal (Australia)

Centenary Medal (Australia)

The total number of medals approved is 15,500 and they represent a cross-section of service to the nation both geographically and by type of service. The contribution may have been to the local community, a region, a particular activity or profession. Many who are being recognised have served selflessly and without regard for personal recongition for lengthy periods on a voluntary basis through, amongst other activities, the elderly, youth, rural fire service and emergency services, veterans and their families and indigenous Australians. The medal is also being awarded to those whose achievements have made a national or international impact through science, research or the arts.

– Excerpt from Media Release from the office of the Prime Minister of Australia, 21 April 2003

Media Release, Office of the Prime Minister of Australia, 21 April 2003
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