Melbourne Staff Band Personnel Changes

The Melbourne Staff Band (Bandmaster Ken Waterworth) announced a number of personnel changes on Monday, 13 September 2010.

The Staff Band welcomes back Ron Heathcote to the trombone section after a few months absence because of work commitments. Unfortunately, Damien Rawlings has been forced to take a few months break because of work commitments, which has meant reshuffling in a number of sections, particularly affecting the trombone section.

Stuart Lees moves to the percussion section, while Graeme Faragher goes from bass trombone to first trombone. Warren Hutchinson moves from second trombone to bass trombone.

Paul Smith has found it necessary to step aside as Deputy Bandmaster, however, he will continue to play first trombone in the Staff Band.

In the baritone section, Aaron van Gaalen Prentice, who has been on leave of absence for some months, has indicated that he will not return to the Staff Band.

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