Guest Conductor Visits Chelmsford

For the Chelmsford Citadel Band (Bandmaster Dr. Simon Schultz), the last rehearsal before collecting in the Annual Appeal was an interesting one, as the band’s former principal trombone, Nick Simmons-Smith, returned and put the band through its paces with some sight reading.

Simmons-Smith, who serves as the Territorial Music Secretary for the USA Southern Territory in Atlanta, Georgia, joined the Chelmsford Band while back home on vacation. His skills were well-evident to the members of the band, as well as his wit and ability to get the best out of the group. He interspersed his conducting with anecdotes, and his clear love of Salvation Army brass banding, making everyone aware that there is a vast heritage to be proud of and that there is a place in modern worship for such vibrant music. All of the members of the band were encouraged and urged to “keep up the work” and keep their music-making to the highest possible standard.

Chelmsford Citadel Band web site, original report by Ian Arnott