Concert for the Kenya Trust

The Bristol Easton Band (Bandmaster Nathan Cole) joined with the Taunton School Girls Junior Choir on Saturday, 2 October 2010 to present a “Programme with a purpose ...” in support of the Kenya Trust. The magnificent sum of £3,245 was raised by this event.

Although the Choir with its present membership was only formed at the beginning of the current school term, just four weeks before the concert, the quality of their singing was exceptional. Bristol Easton Band provided their usual quality performance, featuring two soloists and performing varied and appropriate music.

The appeal for funds featured the refurbishment of the Thika Secondary School for the Visually Impaired. Two of the Trustees visited this facility earlier in the year, and the Salvation Army’s Territorial Headquarters in Nairobi had suggested that the school was in need of investment from the Trust.

The funds raised from this event are earmarked to provide the school’s dining room with tables, chairs and other new items of furniture, as well as a complete redecoration and repairs to the floor and the roof. Currently, the school, which is run by the Kenya East Territory of the Salvation Army, only has three tables and a few chairs for the 200-plus pupils.

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