Himes Leads Celebration at Boscombe

Bandmaster William Himes of the Chicago Staff Band was the special guest for events celebrating the 125th anniversary of the Boscombe Corps, 18 – 21 November 2010.

The weekend, led by Himes with his customary “vim and vigor”, began with a rehearsal on Thursday evening for the band and songsters. On Friday night, Himes presented a “one man show”, with a little help from Bandmaster Dr. Howard J. Evans of the Boscombe Band (both live and on DVD). There was a tremendous festival on Saturday evening and two memorable Sunday meetings. Particularly special for the members of the Boscombe Band were the opportunity to play music that Himes composed for his own wedding, Procession to Covenant; and also This I Know, Himes’ tribute to Bandmaster James Anderson, who was recently promoted to Glory.

Contributions by the Boscombe Band during the weekend included the following:

  • Band and Timbrels – Toccata in D minor (Johann Sebastian Bach, arr. Ray Farr)
  • Cairo Red Shield
  • (A. Stanley Raikes)
  • Precious Fountain (William Himes)
  • Joy Through the Ages (Howard J. Evans)
  • John Starkes (euphonium) – The Ransomed Host (Ray Steadman-Allen)
  • Coming Home! music of reconciliation (William Thompson, arr. Kenneth Downie)
  • To the Chief Musician (William Himes)
  • Band and Songsters – Soldier’s Song (Phil Laeger/Marty Mikles, arr. William Himes)
  • This I Know (William Himes)
  • Total Praise (Richard Smallwood, arr. William Himes)
  • Band and Congregation – Ellacombe (arr. William Himes)
  • Band and Timbrels – Spirit of the Army (Norman Bearcroft)
  • Procession to Covenant (William Himes)
  • Band and Songsters – The Lord Bless You and Keep You (John Rutter, arr. Olaf J. Ritman)

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