ISB Supports Life of Lynda Fund-raising Project

As in previous years, members of the International Staff Band (Bandmaster Dr. Stephen Cobb) donated to a worthy cause in lieu of exchanging Christmas cards. For 2010, the band supported ISB horn section member Steve Hanover’s Life of Lynda Fund effort in support of leukemia research, commemorating his sister who died of this disease at an early age.

As a part of his effort, Hanover will undertake a tenor horn and cycling challenge in memory of his sister Lynda, who died just two weeks after being diagnosed with leukemia. Covering 900 miles of Great Britain in two weeks (18 June 2011 – 3 July 2011), the journey will reunite him with all the members of the family who were influenced by Linda’s short life.

He will cycle from Inverness to London via Edinburgh, Hunstanton and Colchester. On each day of travel he will stop at least once to perform on his tenor horn, holding a concert to raise awareness of the Life of Lynda Fund and to encourage donations from the public.

In taking on this unique challenge, Hanover aims to raise £50,000 through the Life of Lynda Fund for leukemia research projects funded by Cancer Research UK and the Salvation Army’s health care overseas.

Hanover explains, “This project will be a time of reflection for me and my family, and draws on the interests and friends I have developed in my own life to enable others to benefit from the Life of Lynda.”

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