"Music in Brass and Big Band Style" at Mill Hill

Bandmaster Stephen Cobb and the Hendon Band of the Salvation Army performed in concert on June 1, 2003, as a part of the Mill Hill Music Festival. The Festival, held every two years for the entire first week of June, is sponsored by the London Borough of Barnet. The Hendon Band has participated in all of the five festivals that have been held.

The week-long Mill Hill Music Festival consists of a number of musical an cultural groups and soloists, who perform in churches, schools and public buildings throughout the borough of Barnet. Admission is charged for most of the performances. For this year's Hendon Band concert, titled "Music in Brass and Big Band Style", the available seating had to be doubled from that available for the band's performances in earlier Festivals. The concert was in an unusual format, with the first half devoted to more traditional brass band compositions and the second half to contemporary swing-style arrangements. Soloists for the evening included Matthew Cobb, Roger Cobb, David Daws, Paul Hopkins and Stephen Hopkins.

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