Farewells and Retirements at Norwich Citadel

The Norwich Citadel Band has had several departures of various kinds over the past few months.

Malcolm Briscoe

On Monday, 27 January 2011, a group from the band traveled to Maidstone, Kent for the funeral of Malcolm Briscoe, who was promoted to Glory on 30 December 2010 aged almost 90.

Malcolm and his wife, Gladys Briscoe were involved in many activities at Norwich Citadel when they lived in the area. In particular, Malcolm was the Band Sergeant serving under Bandmaster Bob Munn and played Bb tuba. A skilled carpenter, he spent many hours fitting out the bandroom, office and library as well as numerous other projects around the corps building, saving the Salvation Army thousands of pounds in expense.

Malcolm eventually entered the Band Reserve (retirement) and later reluctantly moved to Maidstone to be closer to his family. He continued to show great interest in what was happening at Norwich Citadel, however.

Kelvin Mann

At the end of 2010, Kelvin Mann retired from the band and entered the Band Reserve. Mann has completed 45 years as a Salvation Army bandsman, all at Norwich Citadel – a wonderful achievement. He played mostly back row cornet and spent a little time on Eb tuba, and for the last few years was the band librarian, with a quiet but positive influence within the band.

Les Armstrong

Bandsman Les Armstrong decided to retire from the band following the recent tour of the United States and Canada and will also enter the Band Reserve. Armstrong came to Norwich Citadel from the Reading Central Corps and played horn and cornet.

Majors Richard and Sandra Welch

Majors Richard and Sandra Welch took up new appointments at International Headquarters in London at the beginning of 2011. During their relatively brief time in Norwich, they both participated in the band, Richard on horn and Sandra on percussion. Despite the change of appointment, Richard will remain the band’s executive officer, traveling with the band on away weekends.

Norwich Citadel Band web site, original report by Band Secretary Michael Whybrow