New March Commissioned by Chelmsford

The Chelmsford Citadel Band (Bandmaster Dr. Simon Schultz) has recently commissioned a new march, Chelmsford 125, to mark the occasion of the Citadel’s 125th anniversary.

Nick Simmons-Smith has gladly agreed to compose the march. Simmons-Smith is a former member of the Chelmsford corps, currently serving in the USA Southern Territory as the Territorial Music Secretary.

Items rumoured to be featured in the march include references to Chelmsford’s geographical position, with “train references”, and a reference to the town’s heritage as the birthplace of radio associated with Marconi, in the form of “Morse code” written into the music. There may also be some comic elements woven around the band’s initials “CCB”.

The familiar Salvation Army tunes “Ring the Bell, Watchman” and “Marching Along” are featured to represent the Citadel’s heritage, and the tunes “Come Join Our Army” and “Nuttall”(associated with the words “so shall my moments flow, in praising Thee”) are presented to symbolize the commitment to the future.

Chelmsford Citadel Band web site, original article by Ian Arnott