Sheffield Citadel at the Museum

A group of senior and junior band members from Sheffield Citadel were invited to play at the Weston Park Museum as a part of the Sheffield Sunday School Union’s 200th anniversary celebrations.

Now called the Sheffield Christian Education Council, the Sunday School Union was set up in 1812 with the aim of teaching the truth of the Christian gospel, through the reading and studying of the Bible. Hymn writer and social activist James Montgomery was one of the founding members. He was a prominent leader in their activities, indeed, the Council’s headquarters and several streets and community areas in Sheffield are named for him.

A display covering the history of churches and Sunday schools, and their impact on the social history of Sheffield, has been commissioned at the Museum. The Sheffield Citadel musicians were invited to take part in the official opening of this exhibit. Over one hundred visitors to the Museum were able to listen to the band as they played music associated with James Montgomery’s songs.

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