Fellowship Band Names Conductor

Following the retirement of Bandmaster Chris Kennett at the beginning of this year, the Solent Fellowship Band has announced the appointment of a new Conductor.

For various reasons, the Fellowship Band has decided to rename the position “Conductor” in lieu of the term “bandmaster”, which will better reflect the system in which the band is managed. The person appointed as the new Conductor is John Bird, retired Songster Leader from Portsmouth Citadel. Bird has a vast experience in conducting and was a very successful bandmaster before taking the Portsmouth Citadel Songsters to new heights during over 25 years of leadership. He is an intelligent Christian gentleman, who pays attention to detail and maintains high standards, both musically and spiritually.

David Samuels has done an excellent job of conducting the band from his position as deputy bandmaster since the beginning of the year. Therefore, the band is pleased to announce that he will continue in this role as Assistant Conductor.

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