School of Performing Arts Recital in Richmond

The Salvation Army’s Richmond School of Performing Arts held its 4th Annual Spring Concert at the Richmond Citadel Corps on 18 May 2011.

This recital featured musical and dance performances by 36 of the youth enrolled in the program and special guest accompaniment and performances by the National Capital Brass Ensemble, a unit of the National Capital Band.

“It was great to see that after four years of hard work, these students have accomplished so much,” said Matt Sims, Music Director for the Salvation Army in Central Virginia.

After the Brass Ensemble opened the concert, performances included:

  • Cornet solos by Caleb Wendy, Richard Li, Joseph Decker and Ann Li
  • Guitar ensemble led by volunteer instructor George Copestick
  • Euphonium solo by Anthony Randolph
  • Percussion group performance led by Matt Sims
  • Performances by three students enrolled in the beginner guitar group at the Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club, led by Captain George Hackbarth

The recital also included a performance by the Boys & Girls Club Dance Team, led by volunteer instructor Bianca Sowell.

The Richmond Citadel Junior Band’s performances of How I Love Jesus and God’s Children concluded the concert.

“Two of the students, Ann Li and Tyrone Johnson, will continue their involvement with music in college next year,” Sims said. “As the music director, that is extremely encouraging to me and the other students to realize that Ann and Tyrone gained enormous self-confidence as a result of their participation in Salvation Army music.”

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