Charity Concert at St. Mary's, Hayling Island

On Friday, 17 June 2011, the Solent Fellowship Band (Conductor John Bird), together with handbell choir Bell Canto (Musical Director Derek Dunn), presented a charity concert at St. Mary’s Church, Hayling Island.

The concert commenced with the band presenting a trio of items, Trumpet Tune (Purcell, arr. Ray Steadman-Allen), the hymn tune Deep Harmony and the march Wonderful Day (Steven Ponsford).

Reverend Pennie Payne, Associate Priest, St. Mary’s Church, welcomed everyone to the concert before offering prayer.

Despite the atrocious weather conditions, a large audience had gathered for the concert and they joined with the band in a congregational song, “Thine Is the Glory””.

Bell Canto then presented Nicea, Cradle Song (Mozart), and Love’s Dream (Liszt). The group is conducted by Musical Director, Derek Dunn, a member of the Solent Fellowship Band. Derek arranges all of Bell Canto’s items.

The band then played two songs from the shows, Can You Feel the Love Tonight (Elton John and Tim Rice, arr. Frank Bernaerts) and Love Changes Everything (Andrew Lloyd Webber, arr. Stephen Bulla).

Further band items followed, including a horn feature, Thine Alone by James Curnow, Pastorale (Goff Richards) and an individual item presented by the band’s principal euphonium, Bryan Norman, who played My Story and Song (Stephen Foster, arr. Ray Steadman-Allen).

To conclude the first half of the program, the band played a tone poem, The Divine Pursuit (Bramwell Coles).

Following a further congregational song, Bell Canto presented their second set of items,Creation Hymn (Haydn), Ave Maria (Bruckner), Ode to Joy (Beethoven) and a Chopin Etude.

The band then played All in the April Evening (Hugh. S. Roberton, arr. Eric Ball) and Light up the Sunshine (Joy Webb, arr. Maurice Ozanne).

As part of a time for reflection, the band played, People Need the Lord (Greg Nelson and Phill McHugh, arr. Tom Fettke, trs. Howard Davies). The band’s conductor, John Bird, then read some appropriate words of Scripture from the Book of Revelation, which linked with the band’s playing of Dean Goffin’s meditation The Light of the World.

The concert concluded with a final band item, God and God Alone (Phill McHugh) and closing congregational song.

Reverend Payne then thanked everyone for their attendance and participation before pronouncing the benediction.

Original report submitted by Tony Unwin, Solent Fellowship Band Press Officer