Callander Council Hosts Bellshill Band

For the second year running, the Bellshill Band was invited by the Callander Council of Churches to play in the town square and then present a “Songs of Praise” service in Callander Kirk. The event took place on 21 August 2011.

On approaching the picturesque town dark clouds loomed over the hills, so dark, in fact, that it looked like a torrential downpour was imminent. Not the sort of thing you want when preparing for an outdoor concert! A few drops of rain did fall, but just a few. When the band arrived, the comment from Ian Milligan, the local organizer, was “best get started as soon as possible!” The locals, like the visitors, clearly thought that the rain was just waiting for the band’s first note ...

However, these fears were totally unfounded. As the band commenced their first piece, Dance Like David, the rain clouds began to disperse and were gradually replaced by blue sky. As a result, many people gathered around the band and participated in the numerous opportunities for favorite songs and congregational singing. Under the baton of Deputy Bandmaster Melvyn Shanks, the band played a mixture of old and new pieces, warmly received by both local and visitors alike.

At 5:30 pm it was time for the indoor Songs of Praise service, where a responsive congregation once again made many requests for favorite songs, which were interspersed with a variety of band pieces. When the band left the church, the sun was shining and the sky was blue – an idyllic summer’s day!

Bellshill Band web site, original report by David Kendall