Garden Party and Camp Concert

On Saturday, 10 September 2011, a brisk, sunny day, a large audience of visitors and residents of the Salvation Army’s Meighen Lodge listened with appreciation to the Heritage Brass (Bandmaster Ian Watkinson) at the annual September garden party. After the opening hymn tune, “Joy in the Salvation Army”, under the leadership of Deputy Bandmaster Robert Young, a program of marches, up-beat swing numbers, hymn tunes and solos kept toes tapping.

Soloists for the afternoon included Norman Ritson (trombone), who played My Story and Song and Deryck Diffey (cornet), who played I’d Rather Have Jesus. Diffey also joined with Gary Dean and Murray Shadgett to race through Bugler’s Holiday.

The event being a garden party, it is always nice to have a break for some good food half way through, and so it was on this day. The program concluded with a rousing rendition of the great Norman Audoire march Montreal Citadel, a fitting conclusion to an event on a beautiful Canadian autumn afternoon.

The next evening, Sunday, 11 September 2011, the Heritage Brass joyfully applied the theme “This Is My Story, This Is My Song” to a concert at Fairhaven’s camp. From the opening march, Praise, the several hundred people of the camp enjoyed a program presented in three sections. Part one consisted of Salvation Army gospel (scriptural) music, the second part of lighter, up-beat and perhaps flippant pieces such as Lassus Trombones, Bugler’s Holiday, and a racing version othe festival gallop, In the Light.

The two soloists for the evening were well-received. Gary Dean presented Gift of Love (Terry Camsey) with his usual wizardry on the cornet and Norm Ritson stirred the audience with the trombone solo, My Story and Song. The evening concluded with devotional music to uplift and strengthen those residing at the camp for the days ahead.

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