Kenya Trust Benefit at Bristol Easton

On 8 October 2011, the combined forces of the South West Divisional Fellowship Band (Divisional Bandmaster Norman Cassells) and the vocal group Ffortissimo gave a benefit concert at Bristol Easton Corps, raising over £4,400 for The Kenya Trust.

The band was featured in this annual fund-raising event for the second time in three years, and the enthusiasm and enjoyment of the members of the band were infectious. Using some old favorites like A Sunbeam and The Old Wells, the band was able to delight the audience. They also introduced some more contemporary items, one being the the theme from “Out of Africa”, which was played while the collection was taken.

Ffortissimo journeyed from London for the event and these four young musicians provided a real mix of music expertly presented. With a wide variety of styles, there was literally something for everyone from Benedictus from Mozart’s Requiem to Freddy Mercury’s Bohemian Rhapsody.

The special guests for the weekend were Commissioners Jolene and Ken Hodder, who were able to provide informed comment on the work of the Kenya Trust, which they experienced first-hand in their previous appointment.

The funds raised from the concert will be sent to the Kenya East Territory to modernize the accommodations and provide modern teaching aids at the Nairobi Girls Training Centre. This is attached to the Quarry Road complex, which is the Kenya Trust’s major project for 2012.

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