World in Union Concert

The London Central Fellowship Band (Bandmaster David Daws) brought its 2011 season to a close with a successful visit to Symphony Hall, Birmingham, playing for an audience of 1,500 gathered for the Extra Care Charitable Trust 2011 World in Union Concert. The event also included other special guests including Tom O’Connor, Rustie Lee, Gary Lovini and Kirsty Michele Anderson among other well-known artists.

The band was featured in a number of cameo spots. Bandmaster Daws’ leadership ensured generous applause from the initial sparkle of Bandology, the signature march from the band’s recording of the same name, through to the Proms feature that closed the program.

The band’s second spot showcased Breezin’ Down Broadway, which had the audience tapping their toes and enjoying songs from well-known Broadway shows, followed by a testosterone-packed brass and vocal version of Hello Dolly! that was rewarded by a load ovation. Jim Roger’s warm, honeyed tone in the flügelhorn solo What a Wonderful World took the audience to a quieter, reflective place.

The Grand Finale of the event featured the band leading a Proms section, during which the audience took full opportunity to sing along to Jerusalem and a selection of carols. They also enjoyed an accomplished cornet solo played by Dave Thomas, Nessun Dorma, and engaged in a spell of national appreciation through Elgar’s Pomp and Circumstance, which seemed to be accompanied by hundreds of swaying Union Jacks. To conclude the Proms feature, nationally-acclaimed soprano Kirsty Michele Anderson was accompanied by the band in I Vow to Thee, My Country – a delightful and moving ending.

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