Gravesend Visit by South London Fellowship Band

A long-awaited visit by the South London Fellowship Band to Gravesend, their fifth visit to that location, met the very high standards expected of this band. The event took place on Saturday, 10 December 2011 in the Parish Church, St. George’s, with the band under the leadership of Darrell Scholes, its associate conductor. Also included on the program were the Dedicated Divas under the leadership of Tina Shepherd. General John Larsson, accompanied by Commissioner Freda Larsson, was the compère.

The concert included a wide range of Christmas items, from The Shining Star (Peter Graham) to Season’s Greetings (James Anderson). The band’s major work for the evening was Proclamation of Christmas by Stephen Bulla. This difficult music was superbly played in a musicianly style and was greatly appreciated by the nearly full church. The band’s principal cornet, Alan Moyse, gave a beautiful presentation of Christmas Lullaby – Away in a Manger (E. Banks).

The Dedicated Divas were a welcome addition to the program. Resplendent in their evening gowns, among their items were The Carol of the Bells and a Gowans/Larsson arrangement of In the Face of a Child. Their leader, Tina Shepherd, was the vocal soloist for The Surprise which was accompanied by the Fellowship Band.

A collection raised £307 which was shared between the Gravesend Corps and the Fellowship Band.

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