Fellowship Band with Southampton Sholing Songsters

On Friday, 24 February 2012, the Solent Fellowship Band (Bandmaster John Bird) presented a joint concert at Southampton Sholing Corps with the Songsters (Songster Leader Tracey Jones) from the host corps.

The concert commenced with a march, Wonderful Day (Steven Ponsford) and then, in contrast, A Little Prayer (Evelyn Glennie, arr. Robert Childs).

After Trevor Dawson offered prayer, the band played Selection from “Jesus Folk” (Ray Steadman-Allen).

The program included a number of individual items, including Steve Jones (principal trombone) who presented Count Your Blessings (Brindley Boon), Callam Carter (principal tenor horn) who played An Irish Melody (J. N. Audoire) and Adrian Griffiths (vocal) who sang He Took My Place.

Southampton Sholing Songsters presented three songs during the first half of the concert: How Great Is Your Love (Nick Robertson and Dave Clark), Look at the World (John Rutter) and Bow the Knee (Chris Machen and Mike Harland, arr. Tom Fettke).

This was followed by the band playing Procession to Covenant (William Himes) and The Trumpet Shall Sound which featured Tony Unwin (euphonium) and Aubrey Ford (soprano cornet).

Part of the concert incorporated a tribute to Bandsman Reg Saffin, who was Promoted to Glory the previous July. Saffin was a founding member of the Solent Fellowship Band and a soldier at Southampton Soling Corps for many years. Three of his favorite pieces were played: A Sunbeam (Philip Catelinet), Divine Communion (Arthur Gullidge) and Soldiers of Christ (George Marshall).

Major Derek Smith read some verses of Scripture and, following a congregational song, the songsters sang Foundation of Hope (arr. Camp Kirkland and Tom Fettke).

As the concert moved towards its conclusion, the band played Nimrod (Edward Elgar, arr. Dean Goffin) and Praise Party (Dean Jones). Songster Leader Jones then conducted the songsters’ final item, Day by Day (Lily Sampson, arr. Graeme Press).

Major Ray Fennemore, corps officer of Southampton Sholing Corps, thanked everyone for their participation and attendance. The proceeds from the concert were put towards the Salvation Army’s Annual Appeal.

Finally, Bandmaster Bird conducted the band in another classic Salvation Army march, George Marshall’s The Liberator.

Report submitted by Tony Unwin, Solent Fellowship Band press officer