Fighting for the Lord - New Book by Niels Silfverberg

Fighting for the Lord is a captivating history of the Danish Staff Band of the Salvation Army, established in 1890 but disbanded for unknown reasons in 1932. The author is Niels Silfverberg, a Danish Salvationist and a familiar name to Salvation Army brass bands, with compositions and arrangements published by the Salvation Army in the United Kingdom and Scandinavia.

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Title: Fighting for the Lord
Author: Niels Silfverberg
ISBN: 978-87-7114-429-1
Language: English

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The mission of the Danish Staff Band was to set the pattern for Salvation Army bands in Denmark, be the standard of reference and spread the Gospel through music and example. The band traveled up to 11 months of the year, often with five engagements in a day. They campaigned not only in Denmark but also in Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Germany and England.

Through innovative programs and creative ministry the band showed ability to adapt to an ever-changing context, and could also be regarded as a mobile officer’s training college. It was renowned for music excellence and high Christian standards, and its popularity made it a rallying point for Salvationists.

Most members of the band were only teenagers, but many would later become officers, serving in high positions all around the globe. Members of the band included Erik Leidzén and Emil Söderström, both hallmark names in the brass band world, and among the bandmasters was Ernst Söderström.

The story of this remarkable band challenges us in the 21st century as Salvationists as well as Salvation Army band members and bandmasters – it is fascinating, inspiring, encouraging and sometimes almost unbelievable.

The foreword for the book was written by Colonel Robert Redhead.

Niels Silfverberg is a Danish Salvationist and a composer and arranger of music for brass bands, with music published by the Salvation Army in England and Scandinavia.

He is also a band member, paying soprano cornet, and has frequently sat in with many bands and has been a guest instructor with non-Salvation Army brass bands in Denmark.

Silfverberg is a fourth-generation Salvationist who grew up in the Gartnergade Corps in Copenhagen, where he received his initial brass band training from his father, noted Salvationist composer and conductor Erik Silfverberg.

Professionally, Niels works as an educational consultant and developer, mainly working with educational design and research at universities and colleges. He received his MEd from the University of Aarhus.

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