Vintage Brass Celebrates First Anniversary

The Long Beach Citadel Corps of the Salvation Army’s Southern California Division recently celebrated the first anniversary of its “Vintage Brass” music outreach program. Organized by Bandmaster Richard Upton and Citadel corps officers Captains Kyle and Martha Trimmer, the program includes residents from Long Beach, Los Angeles, and Orange counties. The group provided holiday music for Salvation Army Christmas kettles in Long Beach and also performed at a memorial service held at Inglewood Cemetery. A key element of the program is involvement of both players and listeners. Arrangements have been made with the activity directors of local nursing and retirement homes, who provide transportation to Vintage Brass rehearsals and events for their residents.

Musically, the group has been led by a number of well-known conductors during its first year. The list includes USA Western Territory Music Secretary James Anderson and his predecessor, Bandmaster Ivor Bosanko. Southern California Divisional Music Director Kevin Larsson, William Gordon, Keith Snell, and Captain Steve Smith also participated. Motion picture composer Bruce Broughton conducted the group in his own compositions as well as some of those of his grandfather, Bandmaster William Broughton. In addition to conductors with Salvationist connections, music leaders from the community also support the program. These leaders include Steve Allen Fox of the Golden State Pops Orchestra and John E. Hall III of the Cypress Pops Orchestra.

“New Frontier” 27 September 2003