United Bands in Hythe

The tenth annual United Bands Concert in Hythe, held on 24 March 2012, featured the Hythe Band of the Salvation Army (Bandmaster Richard Carroll, the Shepway Community Gospel Choir (Conductor Wesley Carroll) and the Hythe Town Concert Band. The 45-minute video below documents this exciting event.

The major item from the Hythe Salvation Army Band was Reflections in Praise, which uses these words as its inspiration:

Peace, perfect peace God gives to me
Through faith in Christ at Calvary
One day His face I’ll gladly see
Praise Him through all eternity.

The Shepway Community Gospel Choir sang a set of songs which added a delightful contrast to the evening. Guest soloists Josh Pounds (vocal) and Nathan Cripps (tuba) were in good form, capturing the audience with their respective talents.

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