Birmingham Citadel Visits Crewe

A promise made by the late Bandmaster Graham Lamplough was fulfilled when the Birmingham Citadel Band (Bandmaster Gavin Lamplough) visited Crewe Citadel on Saturday, 21 April 2012.

On an emotional evening, in front of a large, appreciative audience, the band presented a varied program of music which was enthusiastically received by those present.

The band’s four soloists – Neil Blessett (horn), Mark Sharman (trombone), David Taylor (euphonium), and Edward Dixon (tuba) – all demonstrated quality musicianship and technical brilliance. And, in the case of the tuba solo Bare Necessities, a talent for comedy, as various members of the band “deputized” for the soloist at several points in the performance.

The well-balanced program included some Salvation Army classics (The Kingdom Triumphant, Victory for Me, and the more recent Vitae Aeternum) along with some secular music (The Crimson Tide, from the movie of the same name). It was faultlessly presented and enhanced throughout by a thought-provoking and challenging multimedia presentation.

The full program was as follows:

  • Ein Feste Burg (Andrew Mackereth)
  • Peace (Kenneth Downie)
  • Victory for Me (Wilfred Heaton)
  • Demelza (Hugh Nash), Neil Blessett, tenor horn
  • Ask! (Peter Graham)
  • Somebody Prayed (Peter van der Horden), Mark Sharman, trombone
  • For Our Transgressions (Morley Calvert)
  • Vitae Aeternum (Paul Lovatt-Cooper)
  • Moses, Get Down! (Barrie Gott)
  • Harlequin (Philip Sparke), David Taylor, euphonium
  • Bare Necessities (arr. Leigh Baker), Edward Dixon, tuba
  • The Crimson Tide (Zimmer/Glennie-Smith, arr. Klaas van der Woude)
  • The Kingdom Triumphant (Eric Ball)
  • The Liberator (George Marshall)
  • The Irish Blessing (arr. Bradnum)

Birmingham Citadel Band web site, original article by Band Sergeant A. Frost (Crewe Citadel)