Heritage Brass Concert in Peterborough

Heritage Brass (Bandmaster Ian Watkinson) played to a full house at Peterborough Temple on 5 May 2012. In the absence of Bandmaster Watkinson, who was incapacitated by ill health, interim Bandmaster Brian Burditt willingly and competently led the band in a scintillating program.

From the opening march, Assignment (Dudley Bright), to the concluding item, Stars and Leafs Forever (William Himes), Bandmaster Burditt kept up his humorous dialogue to everyone’s enjoyment and pleasure. One item that always goes over well with the audience is Stephen Bulla’s Western Overture, with the bandmaster engaging the crowd to “name the tunes” which are subtly enclosed in the selection.

Soloists for the night included Bill White (flügelhorn) with He Is Lord and Deryck Diffey (cornet) with I’d Rather Have Jesus. In addition, Diffey joined with Murray Shadgett and Cliff Cummings for the cornet trio Buglers’ Holiday.

As always, the band’s executive officer, Major Greg Simmonds, presented a well-developed devotional moment.

Heritage Brass web site, original report by Cliff Cummings