Maidstone Summer Spectacular

Maidstone Corps held its Annual Summer Spectacular at the Friars in Aylesford on 16 June 2012. The Maidstone Band (Bandmaster Kevin Ashman) was joined by the Regent Hall Songsters this year, treating the audience to an interesting and balanced program.

The evening started with the classic march Victors Acclaimed and included a range of music from across the years. Following the opening march, Ryan Cripps played the beautiful flügelhorn solo He Is Lord. The band included a classical item, The Little Russian, as well as pieces from the Salvation Army repertoire such as New Frontier (William Himes).

The Regent Hall Songsters opened with Sing and Be Not Silent and thrilled those present with the quality and variety of their pieces. The audience was treated to three vocal solos of a very high standard, the last one being All Stand. To hear this piece in a setting which has been the site of pilgrimage, worship and praise to God for hundreds of years was both a blessing and a thrill.

The evening closed, as usual, with the band playing Sunset as the Salvation Army flag was lowered on the tower which stands at the corner of the open air chapel used for this event each year.

Maidstone Band web site, original report by Frank Spence