Proms Celebration in Sheffield

A crowd of some 200 people gathered at Sheffield Citadel on 23 June 2012 for the Sheffield Citadel Band's (Bandmaster Keith Wileman) first Proms Celebration event. Armed with their flags, everyone quickly entered into the spirit of the occasion.

The first half of the program featured American music. People hummed along to the tunes of Breezin’ Down Broadway and picturing Yul Brynner as they listened to music from The Magnificent Seven. Vocal soloist Sue Blyth joined with the band for the evening and brought tears to many eyes as she sang On My Own from “Les Miserables”. The tuba solo The Bare Necessities proved popular, with Paul Wileman donning his bear costume for the second half of his solo. The band rose to their feet for the conclusion of The Stars and Stripes Forever as the audience waved along with their flags.

During the second half of the program, the band presented a musical tour around the United Kingdom in Famous British Marches. This then became a journey through the British countryside with Last of the Summer Wine, Island Dreams and the cornet solo The Beauty of the Barley Field, played by Adrian Wileman. The audience had the opportunity to sing along to the favorite Jerusalem and Keep Smiling Through, which featured a number of wartime songs. Sue Blyth then led the congregation in the enthusiastic singing of Rule Britannia, adorned in her Britannia costume.

The evening concluded with a favorite march for many, Under Two Flags, the hall awash with a sea of red, white and blue flags, balloons and bunting and many smiling faces.

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