Sixth Visit to Gravesend

The South London Fellowship Band (Bandmaster Major George Whittingham) made its sixth visit to Gravesend on 27 October 2012, with a benefit concert to raise funds to install a security camera system to deter abuse of the outside of the hall.

The program, compèred by Major Whittingham, commenced with the cornet/trombone ensemble Gone My Care, which was immediately followed by the march Semper Fidelis. The first soloist of the evening was Alan Moyse, who offered I’d Rather Have Jesus.

The concert included a variety of music, ranging from light classical to “big band”. Items included the overture Light Cavalry, the first movement of Themes from the “New World Symphony”, A Glenn Miller Collection, the prelude and fugue Arise, My Soul, Arise and the marches Able and Mighty to Save. These were interspersed with the band singing Rock of Ages and God’s Love to Me Is Wonderful, which were both well-received. Adrian Horwood (euphonium) provided the other solo item for the evening, The Conqueror. A Bible reading and comments were provided by Bev Hudson.

Admission for the concert was free, with a collection being taken toward the cost of a CCTV security system, required to counteract the abuse to which the outside of the hall has been subjected during recent years. The delight and appreciation of the audience was shown by the total of £722, making the evening a great success.

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