Maycock Celebrated at Chatham Citadel

The career and life of Chatham Citadel’s outgoing bandmaster, Ray Maycock, was celebrated in a special meeting held on 8 February 2004. Bandmaster Maycock has announced that he will retire at the end of this year. The celebration was a combination of a “mini-musical”, consisting of nine songs performed by the corps Songster Brigade, and a This Is Your Life-style show.

Bandmaster Maycock was aware of the musical part of the evening, but the guest speakers were a surprise as they presented personal messages. In addition to those in attendance, written tributes were read by Major Gordon Phillips. Maycock’s son Andrew, unable to attend, sent a video.

Speakers at the celebration included:

  • Ray Sheppard, best man at Bandmaster Maycock’s wedding to his wife, Irene
  • The Maycock’s daughter, Carolyn Woodman
  • Bandmaster Don Donaldson, formerly bandmaster of the Green Jackets)
  • The former Director of Music for the Life Guards Band, Major Colin Reeves
  • Lt.-Colonel Phil Hills, former Director of Music for the Grenadier Guards Band
  • Major Chris Davies, who studied at the Kneller Hall Military School of Music and is currently a member of the Salvation Army at Diss

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