Hadleigh Hosts Fellowship Band

Major George Whittingham and the South London Fellowship Band spent the weekend of 14 – 15 February 2004 at the Hadleigh Temple Corps in Essex. This was the band’s second visit to Hadleigh.

Saturday’s performances were in benefit of the Hadleigh Temple Young People’s Band. The youngsters started things off by “playing on” the Fellowship Band. Items presented by the Young People’s Band included The Hanover Variations, This Is Why (with euphonium soloist Christopher Carter) and I Want to Tell You (with horn soloist Bradley George).

The Fellowship Band began their portion of the concert with Southern Australia. The band formed into a Male Chorus to sing The Lord's Prayer, and played Eric Ball’s classic Sound Out the Proclamation. Solo items from members of the Fellowship Band included The Song of the Brother (Adrian Horwood, euphonium), The Eternal Quest (John Spicer, trombone) and Love Changes Everything (Leslie Swift, vocal). The concert concluded with Melodies of Dvorak and another Ball classic, the march Star Lake. In addition to the music and worship aspects, the evening was also a financial success, with almost £500 raised for the Hadleigh Temple Young People’s Band.

Sunday was done in “Old-Fashioned” style, with Holiness, Praise and Salvation meetings. In the afternoon the Fellowship Band presented some lighter pieces, such as Cheer Up and Joyful Day, along with two more masterpieces from the pen of Eric Ball, The Triumph of Peace and The King of Kings. In addition to the Fellowship Band, the musical sections from Hadleigh Temple (Band, Songsters, Young People’s Band and Young People’s Singing Company) also participated in the various meetings.

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